Southampton airport opens restaurant to mark Spitfire anniversary

Southampton airport has celebrated the 74th anniversary of the first flight of the Spitfire with the opening of a new restaurant.

The eatery has been named Mitchell’s Bar & Kitchen after RJ Mitchell, the man who designed and tested the famous aircraft.

On 5 March 1936, the first Spitfire prototype set off for its maiden test flight from Southampton.

The plane played a crucial part in winning World War II for the Allies, with over 22,000 being produced by the time the war ended in 1945.

Southampton airport revealed that Mitchell’s Bar & Kitchen had been designed ‘with the time-conscious traveller in mind’, with all dishes made and delivered in less than ten minutes.

Kevin Brown, managing director of the south-coast gateway, said: ‘The new Mitchell’s Bar & Kitchen was developed using passenger feedback and offers a much wider range of products to passengers, whether they are wanting to grab some quick refreshments, or sit and relax.

‘Naming the facilities after RJ Mitchell is a fitting tribute to his work on this site some 74 years ago today.’